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Mary Ellen Lee and her family have lived in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York for four generations. Keuka Lake is the setting for her historical children's novels and is where both she and her father grew up. The author is an avid reader of nonfiction American history and uses her knowledge to enhance the historical value of her children's books.

Newest Book!
Danny and Life on Bluff Point: The Conflict (Book 6)
The sixth book in this series of historical novels for children finds Danny Lee and his siblings learning valuable lessons about acceptance and forgiveness.


Other books in the Danny and Life on Bluff Point series:

Danny and Life on Bluff Point (Book 1)
Discover the life of Danny, a ten-year old boy growing up on a large fruit and livestock farm in December of 1894.


Danny and Life on Bluff Point: The Blizzard of '95 (Book 2)
Danny learns the importance of following family instructions and to not judge people until you know them.


Danny and Life on Bluff Point: Lost in the Dark (Book 3)
Danny comes to understand falsehoods are of no help and taking responsibility for his actions is the best policy.


Danny and Life on Bluff Point: The Man on the Train (Book 4)
Danny learns when it is time to stand up for himself and his loved ones.


Danny and Life on Bluff Point: My Horse Sally (Book 5)
In this children’s historical novel, the reader will learn about steam boating in upstate New York and how Danny makes friends with his horse Sally.



What people are saying...

Great historical fiction told by real people.
Nancy Albrecht, Tucson, AZ

The Danny and Life on Bluff Point books would be excellent to read aloud to children. Mary Ellen Lee brings Danny to life in her series. I felt like I was experiencing his childhood through her books.
Flossie Stryker, Bath, NY

The Danny and Life on Bluff Point series of historical novels are excellent books for young readers. They show how different life was 100 years ago. Kids had chores to do to help their families, not to just earn an allowance. They teach history and that there are ways to deal with problems other than force.
James Joy, Rochester, NY

Reading the Danny and Life on Bluff Point series (3 to date) is a great way for children to learn about country life during the 1890s, specifically in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. The author portrays the enjoyment of nature; the relationships within families; valuable lessons learned through tasks at home; involvement in school and community and how people coped with hard times. Studying the past helps all of us understand ourselves and our heritage. Children need to be aware of the past as well as the present as they prepare for the future. As Danny tells his story, the reader will enjoy his adventures right along with him! Happy reading!”
Alice Reynolds, Senior Library Clerk, Walworth, NY

Author Mary Ellen Lee paints a colorful and realistic portrait of life in the 1890s. Through Danny young readers will learn important lessons in courage, peaceful dialogue, problem solving, and generosity. Readers will find themselves in a time where even without modern conveniences, the work of maintaining a home and family goes on. Life is difficult and family is all-important. As Danny grows and gains self confidence, so will the readers of his story.
Rosa Thompson, Rochester, NY

“Mary Lee’s Danny books, based on her grandfather’s journals, are incorporated frequently into the educational programs of the museum. School children love to hear the Danny stories as they view museum artifacts that relate to Danny’s adventures. Ms. Lee writes very well, weaving historical fact into exciting exploits that entice the youth of today.
Idelle Dillon, Executive Director, Oliver House Museum, Penn Yan, NY

Mary Ellen Lee’s stories of Danny have captured the life of a young boy growing up during the late 1800's in Upstate New York. These are delightful stories that can be read aloud by Teachers, Parents and Grandparents and can be used to introduce children to family history. Each book is filled with adventure, humor and the everyday life of the 1890s.
Judith Wilbert, Teacher and Museum Educator, Dundee, NY

I read Danny and Life on Bluff Point and enjoyed it immensely. I had the author's aunt for my teacher one year. In the story, Mr. Lee drove his children in a bob-sled to Penn Yan so that they could do Christmas shopping. I boarded in Penn Yan while I went to high school. I was home one weekend and we had a heavy snow storm. Only a big team and bob-sled could go through the big drifts. So my father hitched up the team and we started at dawn. I arrived at school on time.
Doris Reid, Florida

Thank you for coming to our book club. It was very interesting to learn about life in the 1890s. I had fun. I already read the third book and really liked it. I can't wait for the fourth.
Lucas Sullivan, Pittsford, NY

Thank you for coming and telling us about the way you write a book and your family's history. I really enjoyed your visit. I also can't wait for your next book to come out. What I like most about your visit was when you showed us all those photos of your family and also photos of where they lived. Keep on writing.
Annie Sheinhardt, Rochester, NY

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Mary Ellen Lee is a children's author of historical novels. Her books are targeted for children age 8 - 12. The author enjoys writing childrens books and feels there is a great need for American historical books written for this age group. You can't understand current events if you don't know the past.

This series of childrens novels will include New York State and national history, overcoming a challenge, solving conflicts, importance of family and neighbor cooperation, the need for setting goals, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These children's books will show students that reading historical novels can be fun and informative.

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